593 Brunson Lane

Walterboro, SC 29488

593 Brunson Lane

Walterboro, SC 29488


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Shellring RV Park

Shellring RV Park is located in the charming town of Walterboro, SC. We are also just 50 miles away from Charleston, SC and 65 miles from Savannah, GA!

Summerville Lakes RV Park

65 Miles from Savannah

Summerville Lakes RV Park

Lakeside Views

Welcome to the Shellring RV Park!

Walterboro, SC

Shellring RV Park and Campground is a rejuvenating oasis nestled in the heart of Walterboro, SC, offering an ideal stop for those seeking the perfect blend of nature and comfort. As we breathe new life into this charming, older campground, our dedicated team is tirelessly working to provide you with an updated and upgraded camping experience. Our efforts are focused on preserving the original character of the campground while incorporating modern amenities and facilities to enhance your stay. Although we are still under construction and adding new sites daily, we are open and taking reservations! Book your spot with us and become a part of our growing RV community. Your adventure awaits!

Shellring RV Park

We are now taking Reservations!

Shellring RV Park, is conveniently located in the charming town of Walterboro, South Carolina. The campground offers a fusion of modern amenities and natural splendor, creating the perfect balance for your RV camping experience.

Walterboro, South Carolina, is a hidden gem in the heart of the Lowcountry, offering a charming mix of history, culture, and natural beauty. This historic town, renowned for its southern hospitality, provides a unique blend of small-town charm and natural wonder for visitors and residents alike. See a list of things to do in and near Walterboro below! 


All sites are full hook-ups with 50 amp connections. 50 to 30 amp converters (RV Dog Bone)  will be necessary if your rig requires a 30 amp connection. 

Non-Lakeside Site: $700 per month, plus Electricity (15 cents per kw)
Lakeside Site: $1,000 per month, plus Electricity (15 cents per kw)

Weekly: $375
Daily: $60 per night


Full Hook Ups

Sewage, water, and 50 amp connections at every site.

Lakeside Sites

Enjoy the beautiful views of our 10-acre lake

Bath House

Bath House

Newly Renovated Bathrooms with Showers


Plenty of shoreline fishing opportunities, but you can use your own boat too!

Shellring RV Park

Things to do in Walterboro, SC

The area of Walterboro, South Carolina, along with its adjacent territories, teems with a spectrum of captivating activities and enticing local attractions worth exploring.

As you browse through the ensuing recommendations, feel free to click on any activity or event that piques your interest for a more comprehensive understanding of the possibilities they offer.

Our Campground Is Near Charleston, SC!

Shellring RV Park is just 50 miles from Charleston, South Carolina, a city brimming with Southern charm, historic landmarks, and coastal beauty.

Charleston is one of the South’s most treasured cities, and it’s simple to see why. This little city is well-known for its stunning architecture, cobblestone streets, delectable cuisine, and stunning coastline vistas. You may discover many locations to explore and activities to keep you engaged just by wandering down the streets.

While there are several must-see attractions in Charleston, there are also many unique things to do when you venture beyond the main areas. There are hidden lanes with a storied past, tours that take you to haunted locations throughout the city, and restaurants with an intriguing history to match their cuisine.

Charleston is a city that beautifully marries the past and present. Its diverse offerings – from historic landmarks to exquisite cuisine, scenic landscapes, and cultural treasures – make it an ideal destination for any traveler.

Shellring RV Park

Fill out the form below or call (843) 441-0301 to request a monthly rental RV Site.

Our monthly rates are $1,000 a month for Lakeside Sites and $700 a month for Non-Lakeside sites, plus electricity (15 cents per kw.) All sites are full hook-ups with 50 amp connections.

Shellring RV Park

Online Bookings will be available soon. Please check back on March 1, 2024! In the meantime, you can use our long term request form for short term sites.